This is a small snapshot of products we have sourced (below). As we are a procurement company we can source everything and anything.

A. Air Cleaners Air Conditioners Air Curtains A.V. Mounts B. Batteries Battery Chargers Binoculars Brushes C. Cable HV & LV Cable cover Cable Strippers Cable Tray Cable Accessories Cable Ladder Cable Winders Contactors Control Panels Cold Rooms Ceiling Fans Cleaning Wipes Crimp Dies Cleaning Fluid Circuit Breakers Cooking Equipment Capacitors Current Transformers Compressors Conveyor Parts Corrugated Conduit D. Daylight Switches Diesel Engines Diesel Pump Sets Diodes Distribution Boards Distillation Units E. Earth Rods Electric Door Locks Electric Motors Electric Stoves Enclosures F. Fasteners Fault Location Gear Fax Machines Fishing Equipment Filters Fire Blankets Fire Protection Gear Flameproof Fittings” Flameproof Motors Flameproof Switches Flexible Hose Floodlights Flow Switches Flowmeters Fluorescent Tubes & Fittings Fuses G. Galvanometers Gauges Geared Motors Generator Sets Governors Grease (Teflon) Grinding wheels H. Halogen Lamps Hand Dryers Hand Tools Heat Seal Machines Heat Shrink Tube Hoists – Chain Horns Hose Hydraulic Jacks Hydrolube I. Ice Machines Induction Heaters Insect Controllers Instrumentation Insulation Intercom Equipment J. Jacks K. Knives (All types) L. Label Equipment Ladders Lamps (all types) Lathes/Tools Leadlights Lifting Tackle Light fittings Lightning Protection Systems Limit Switches Line Conditioners M. Machine Tools Maglite Torches Magnetic Sheet Marine equipment Marine Wipers Marking Tape Metal Detector Meters (any) Micro Switches Mobile Generators Mobile Light Towers Mobile Welder Sets Motor Starting Equipment Multimeters N. Nicad Batteries Nicad Equipment Nuts/Bolts/Screws O. Oil Recyclers Oscilloscopes P. P & B Tape Penetrometers Pipe Fittings Plumbing Supplies Poles (Lighting) Poly Pipe Power Line Equipment Power Supplies Power Tools Pumps (any) R. Racks Radiators Radios Rangehoods Rectifiers Refrigeration Relays Rotating Beacons S. Safety Boots Safety Equipment Sealants Searchlights Signs (all types) Sirens Shredders Shutdown Gear Slings/Lifting Gear Slippery Lube Solar Equipment Soldering Equipment Solenoids Spare Parts (all) Starters Steam Cleaners Submersible Pumps Switches (all) Switchboards Stainless Fasteners T. Tape (All types) Technical Publications Teff Lube Teflon sheet Time Clock/Timers Thermometers Tools Torches Transducers Transformers Turbochargers U. UPS Systems V. Valves (All) Variable Speed Controllers Vehicle Parts Vices W. Wall Fans Water Heaters Welding Sets Winches