OVERSEAS DISTRIBUTORS was established in 1983 to service the needs of mining and industry in the Pacific Basin.  To achieve the aim of offering reliable supply to these areas, an office was opened in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane was selected for its geographical centrality to the proposed market area and ready availability of product and freight services.


Since its inception, OVERSEAS DISTRIBUTORS has not only achieved its aims of maintaining reliable supply lines to isolated areas, but has expanded to include the entire Pacific Basin, Asia,Africa, Europe and Middle East, under its service umbrella.

The employment of trade qualified staff who have all experienced remote location contracts, aids in the continual efficiency of operations.

A reputation for integrity, service and reliablilty second to none, has inspired some of Australia’s leading corporations to call on our expertise for the marketing of their products in the export arena. An excellent range of products has been developed from these approaches, thus greatly enhancing our service.

From an initial involvement in, but not limited to,the Electrical Industry, our presence is now well respected through the General Engineering,Hardware, Mining, Construction and Marine Industries.


Administration and Warehouse facilities have been established at 36 Terrence Road, Brendale, QLD. Our premises covers an area of approximately 2200 sq mts holding a million dollars in stock for day to day requirements. Our staff comprises 15 people, working within the guidelines of the Australian Quality Assurance Standard AS3902, guaranteeing the quality of both product and service to customers. In-house support is provided via well structured administration, sales and shipping department,with a combined total of over 100 years experience in export.

First hand contact with our customer base is maintained by our sales staff travelling an average 200,000Kms and spending an average six month annually overseas. This helps us to achieve our aim of quality service.

It is with pride that we can confirm the initial goals 30+ years age are continually being achieved and the quality of service to customers and support for our manufacturing principals is as much a criterion today as it was then.


Our aim is to be recognised as the leading provider of quality product and reliable service in the market place by continual focus on our clients needs.


“Your Procurement Experts”



Offers a highly Industrialised and Technically
orientated supply base to the Asia Pacific
region, capable of supplying most product
available on the world market, from local



Australia acts as the Asia Pacific base For
numerous multinational corporations. This
along with our own extensive international
contacts, creates a very comprehensive supply


Whether it be Electrical, Hardware,
Engineering or any other product required,
often the hardest part of locating that product
is conveying to someone exactly what you are
looking for. We have combined trade and
engineering backgrounds of over 100+ years to
assist in interpreting your requirements and
ensuring you receive the correct product.


Continually keeping abreast of Government
regulations, both locally and internationally,
ensures we are able to maximise benefits to our
clients by using all incentives available and
making our supply base aware of cost savings
not normally accessible to the domestic market.



Clients in-house savings in using our service are
often overlooked, in the instance where there
may be several  products required, man-hours in
sourcing, overseas communication costs to
several suppliers, order follow-up, incorrect
supply and several individual shipments, these
costs can be considerably reduced with one


Some would consider that using a “middle man” must cost more. Not So! In most instances we are treated as a brokerage and the supplier or manufacturer carries our costs. In others, through our extensive supply contact base, Our buying power enables us to purchase product at export pricing, or we can use government export incentives to reduce the cost. In both instances we can supply product at a much better price than is obtainable on a one-off or irregular basis.



Our secured export agency lines allow us to exercise our marketing abilities and provide both direct technical back up and pricing on these particular products comparable to anywhere in the world.



Being able to consolidate varied client requirements into single shipments by sea, air or post, is in itself a large saving, minimising actual freight cost and saving clients unnecessary clearance and customs charges on entry.



With in-depth knowledge of each of our market areas, individual requirements in regard to customs procedures, freight costs, routing and handling procedures, and with due regard to the area’s terrain, we can normally assure receipt of cargo in good condition and with the minimum of fuss.